My name is Anthony Pugh and I’m a creative digital Retoucher, check out my portfolio. I started my career in a pre-press studio in England as a scanner operator where I formed a strong knowledge base for tone and colour values. After four years I was given the opportunity to learn retouching on what was then state of the art retouching high end stations from companies such as Hell, Dianippon and Scitex. I quickly went from strength to strength and was soon leading the department.

When Apple Mac computers first came on the scene with a little known program called Photoshop I relished in the environment. When layers came along in version 3 my world changed.

After 10 years of retouching I was introduced to web development where I developed online image libraries. The work was interesting but after looking at code all day every day I was glad to get back into retouching and took my skills to a whole new level.

I then migrated to Australia where I worked in one of the first digital photographic studios in the country. I was involved directly with photographers, art directors, creative directors and the end clients. The work was far more creative as it was agency work with higher budgets. Before long I was freelancing as I had built up a great network base and wanted the challenge of working for myself.

I created a website and started to learn internet marketing. I continue to network and to build strong relationships with photographers, art directors, Studio/production managers and clients alike.