When is it Finished?

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“Great art is never finished, only abandoned” – Norman Rockwell

At what point do you simply walk away and say “enough is enough…it’s finished”? Do you keep tinkering and take it right up to the deadline even though you know it’s finished?

It’s almost the opposite to writers block. At what point do you finally put the tablet pen down and say “I’m done”? You could try Walking away for a while and return with fresh eyes. This can make it better or worse as you might see new problems or you may realise that you finished it ages ago.

A good gauge for where you should aim is between 0 and 10 (0 being slapdash do the job quickly and 10 being spending hours and hours on the finest details) you should be at about 7. This is because 0 will reflect poorly on your work in the long run and 10 will make you commercially unviable in time and costs.

My advice is tweak until it makes sense and then stop!

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