“Anthony’s graphic skills made two old maps photographed in a tightly–bound old diary presentable for reproduction in a biography, as the maps needed straightening, pencil sketches strengthened and clarity restored. His work was first–class and delivered quickly, and at a fair price.”
William Gillespie – Author of the Biography, Karl Rittler

“Ant gets it, not only is he one the best crafted retouchers I know, he also understands the business we’re in. He’s an absolute pleasure to work with, always adds quality to the brief given and has delivered every time, on time and to budget!”
Nik Robinson – Founder and Creative Director – Cabana Boys Advertising

“Ant is the Ninja Retoucher, he’s in, he’s out, the image looks great and you’d never know a retoucher had been there at all.”
Jon Soady – Studio Manager – David Jones at M&C Saatchi, Australia

“I recently engaged Anthony to retouch 12 photographs for a fashion brand campaign. This project should been straight forward enough but certain unforeseen aspects made it one of the more challenging post jobs I’ve been involved in and I’ve been involved in a few.
Through Anthony’s expertise, hard work, timeliness, and unswerving ‘can do’ attitude, we managed to get the train back on the tracks and into the station on time. Thanks mate…great job!”
Rodd Martin – Director – Vital Signs Productions

“I have worked with Anthony on High end advertising campaigns. Anthony is a pleasure to work with and his work is always outstanding. Anthony always pushes for better outcomes, he is professional, incredibly creative and intuitive. I highly recommend Anthony as a retoucher and designer, he is a great asset to any project.”
Zahn Pithers – Photographer – Zahn Pithers Photography

“With Anthony you have confidence in knowing the job will be completed on budget, within time and beyond all expectations.”
Terry Copas – Managing Director – First Name Media Communications Pty Ltd

“Anthony is an asset in assisting me to visualize my most creative concepts.”
Yolanda La Gorcé – Creative Director – La Gorcé Advertising

“If it can be done, Anthony will find a way of doing it.”
Justin Alexander – Photographer – Justin Alexander Photography

“Anthony is a magician. He turned an overweight man into a tight rope walker and a bunch of chemistry glass-ware into a seamless image that could never have been made in real life. He made these jobs look good and he made me look good.”
Tony Richardson – Creative Director – Tony Richardson Advertising

“Ant has established himself as an extremely talented retoucher who we rely on heavily for his expertise, especially on glamour fashion shots where quality and attention to detail are paramount.”
Mark McDonald – Production Manager – Quay Digital

“His level of retouching and commitment to our projects has made him a vital part of our team.”
Greg Ross – Head Retoucher – Group Momentum

“Anthony is one of our most respected freelance retouchers. We keep getting Ant back as he keeps delivering for us season after season. Ant’s ability to deliver the best consistently makes him a great asset to our team. His versatility also allows us to use him on much more creative projects as well. Ant’s personality and nature is such that he just fits in so well to our team. Generous in sharing his knowledge and willing to take advice. Ant is a rare find and is a pleasure to work with.”
Grant Morell – Operations Director – David Jones at M&C Saatchi, Australia

“I highly recommend Anthony without reservation. Anthony’s genuine interest in delivering top quality on time is outstanding.”
Robert Finkeldey – Managing Director – WhoCanDo Pty Ltd

“Ant has a great eye for detail and has contributed to our pre-press quality over many years. I’d have no hesitation in recommending him to you.”
Andrew Henderson – Creative Director – David Jones