Hi There I am a freelance creative digital retoucher with over 20 years of experience in digital retouching, check out my portfolio. I am basically a wacom pen for hire specialising in professional retouching and image manipulation.

My specialities are:

Beauty and Fashion – I have vast experience with skin and beauty treatments for fasion and glamour editorials.

Cars – High sheen stylish car campaigns with big budgets that are highly creative.

Jewellery – Where attention to detail is paramount and nothing hides from the camera.

Art – Subtle evocative mood inspiring creations of art.

Retail – Vibrant colourful retail projects where efficiency is of the utmost importance with tight budgets and high expectations.

Illustration – Illustrative work with nothing more than a brief and cart blanche to allow my imagination to run wild.

Direct Marketing – With a clean stylish and highly professional finish for those all important correspondences.

If you have any retouching requirements and you do not want to employ someone full time, but rather outsource, drop me an email ant@anthonypugh.com for a price quotation

The process is as follows:

  1. email me a brief along with any supporting images and a rough layout guide for a quotation.
  2. Once agreed, upload images for retouching and any additional comments and supporting material.
  3. All along the creative process I will email you a work in progress at appropriate stages to ensure we are on the same vision.
  4. After final sign off approval you simply download a high res image through ftp. If you prefer I can post them on disc or flash thumb drive.

Other services are 3DAP approved colour proofs on various stock formats and sizes.

For photographers I am happy to advise on how to shoot from a retouching perspective it’s amazing how the cost of retouching can be reduced through one phone call with the photographer.

Or if you just want advise on up coming jobs I’m always happy to oblige, just email me.